The Clubhouse

Every one seems to love the Clubhouse. The old house was built in the 1880’s, when this property was purchased, our initial thought was to tear it down and build a new clubhouse for the Hunting preserve. After numerous debates “saner” minds did not prevail.

After 130 years and an add on in the 1920’s and a failed rehab attempt in the 1990’s, this old place still had too much character to tear down. So went the next 1 ½ years of my life.

It still has rolling floors and crooked walls, but that’s part of its charm. The interior is tongue & groove and beaded pine. Most of the trim is original poplar and oak that has been refinished to give it a unique charm. This along with executive furnishings, a large inviting kitchen with comfortable seating and a comfy living room provide a relaxing stay in the country.

This house has 2 bedrooms, bdrm 1 has 2 single beds and bdrm 2 has 2 single beds and 2 single bunks. Maximum capacity is 8 people.

Rental Rates

100 per night for first 4 people and 25 per additional head.



Roger Parient
Owner of Kickapoo Farm
& Kennel and Preserve

5479 East 200 North
Attica, IN  47918

765-762-6132 Preserve
317-626-5447 Cell