Now don’t get me wrong, I love my shorthairs and their versatility, but the English Setters ability to effect the heart of the wife and kids and the gentleness around the house makes it a whole lot easier, if you know what I mean. Our English Setters are some of the Finest bird dogs and companions in the country. I specifically breed for size, I like my males to be less than 50 pounds and perfect for me is about 40. with the females coming in at 28 to 35 pounds. I have found these to be a finer boned, lighter on their feet, more athletic dog that is durable and less injury prone in the field. The foundation of our Setter lines was to cross the Tomoka, Flaming Star, Tekoa Mountain Sunrise/Hicks Rising Sun and Grouse Ridge lines thru dogs like Tomokas Smiokin Mike, Boomers X Rated, Kickapoos Smikin Max and Kickapoos Flaming Roxy. These crosses have produced multiple field champions, wild bird dogs and loved family pets. We typically have several litters per year along with started and finished gun dogs.

Our German Shorthairs are established along the Rawhides Clown, Burr Oaks Big Jake lines. Litter availability is limited. All GSP litter availability is by reservation. We have pups and started dogs out of our fine hunting and competition dogs. We offer only top quality German Shorthaired Pointers, English Setters to hunting and field trial homes. Our dogs hunt with tremendous desire, have superior stamina, outstanding noses, great pointing instinct and style. They are good natural retrievers and fine hunting companions. Contact us if you would like more information. Our dogs are available at stud. Please select a dog on the right of the screen to learn more.


Roger Parient
Owner of Kickapoo Farm
& Kennel and Preserve

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