Kickapoo's Sassy Cassy

Cassy has started her trial carrer this spring with several wins. Cassy is a full litter mate to Jack, Cassy is out of Kickapoos Smokin Max and Kickapoos Flaming Roxy. He is a Grandson of Tomakas Smokin Mike crossed with a line breed Sunrise and Hicks Rising Sun Female. On the bottom he has Flaming Star, The Preformer, Destinaire and Tomaka Smokin Mike. She will be bread this fall to Boomers X Rated.

Sassy Cassy

You may have seen her on the NSTRA circuit. Fast and Snappy birdfinder. She is by Kickapoo's Smokin Max X Kickapoos Flaming Roxy. She is Strong Tomokas Smokin Mike, With Perfomer, Destinaire, Flaming Star

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