Kickapoo's Flaming Roxy

Roxy is one classy setter, Thats if you like unparralled bird desire with great field animation and one snappy tail. She is throwing this in her pup's to. (See Jack and Cassy). Her last litter has produce 3 NSTRA winners. She has placed in many NSTRA trials but was retired to breeding before her 1st championship. She is line bread Flaming Star on the Top with a bottom side consisting of a who's who in the setter world. Destinaire, The Performer, Tomokas Smokin Mike, Tekoa Mountain Sunrise.

Kickapoos Flaming Roxy, she is line breed Flamings Star on Top and a whos who of the Setter world on the bottome, Destinaire, Performer, Tomokas Smokin Mike. Roxy is my favorite wild bird dog and is a dependable bird finder, she can hunt with the best of 'em.


Roger Parient
Owner of Kickapoo Farm
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