Deer Hunting

Kickapoo Farms is located in western Indiana in the Historic Wabash Valley, Kickapoo Farms derives it name from the Big and Little Kickapoo creeks that join in the heart of the Farm and then shed into the nearby Wabash River. This geography provides the wildlife with some of the best and diverse habitat available in the state for any type of hunting, but most of all Trophy Deer. Kickapoo Farms has been grooming habitat for the past 20 years to help develop the natural genetics found in this area. These genetics provide the trophy deer hunter opportunities at very large symmetrical typical and large "narley" non-typical racks.  Kickapoo maintains the philosophy of "Letting the Bucks Mature" to their premium antler bearing capabilities by providing the habitat and nutrition required and reducing the hunting pressure so they can develop into their prime.

With this philosophy, we only take a few "Trophy Deer Hunters" per year to insure that the age class structure is where we need it to be. However, we do provide several "Cull Buck" or Doe hunts for specific animals that we do not want in the herd. All Trophy Deer Hunts at Kickapoo Farms are guided and lodging in our "Clubhouse" is available to our guests.  Contact us for more information about Deer Hunting at Kickapoo.
**All hunts are fair chase


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