Bird Hunting

Welcome to Kickapoo Hunting Preserve, a premier Upland Bird Hunting experience. At Kickapoo, we have managed our habitat to replicate what a wild bird hunt should be, Acres of Native little bluestem grasses, 30 yard wide fence rows and natural succession ground provide our hunters with the challenges and scenery of a wild bird hunting.

For the group outings and those just getting started, Kickapoo Hunting Preserve provides manicured grounds for easy walking and Field Champion Bird Dogs with experienced guides to help you in your adventure.

For the true enthusiast, bring your own dog and we will give you the choice habitat that suites your needs.

For the Executive and Corporate clients, we can help you entertain your group with  Comfortable accommodations, Snacks to Meals and quality service that would represent
your organization or your personal tastes. 


Roger Parient
Owner of Kickapoo Farm
& Kennel and Preserve

5479 East 200 North
Attica, IN  47918

765-762-6132 Preserve
317-626-5447 Cell